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"All gardening is landscape painting,'
said Alexander Pope."

Acacia landscape gallery and photos

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After 3 years of maintaining Mrs Blackmore's garden it was decided the garden would benefit from an evenly laid patio and some flowerbeds. The existing plants were out growing their pots, which meant they required a lot of unnecessary maintenance and we though it would be best if they were planted in situ. It was requested that the style of the design had to look traditional and look as though it had been there for years.

Location: Leamington Spa Duration: 3 weeks Area: 76m2 0


Like many other people, I lead a busy life. In 2012 I was recommended to contact Mr Tom Wolstenholme, the Managing Director of FairTrades Garden design to discuss what support the Company could offer. Together we agreed a care plan for my compact, walled garden, which though seemingly trouble free, did actually demand regular and sustained attention.

The plan involved an audit of what would be needed to keep the beds and pots under control, keep the garden tidy at all times, paying attention to shrubs, hedging and tree pruning. Paving would be kept weed free and swept regularly. There was then a 'clean up' to make certain the standard of maintenance needed was established, and could be used as a future benchmark. This has worked really well and I have been delighted with the service.

Last year Tom and I discussed a complete garden redesign. Although I knew that the space could be better used, I was uncertain about how much value, financial and aesthetic, would actually be added. Tom and I talked in detail about the potential for creating greater flexibility in planting, and a real opportunity for surrounding our home with the flowers and shrubs that I love, keeping those that had sentimental or horticultural value, and establishing an informal setting that would also accommodate our four delightful grandchildren when they stay. I can honestly say that this was the best decision I could have made. My garden has given me so much joy, from the wildlife, the restful colour scheme and the plants to fill the changing seasons, to the knowledge that every day will bring something new and interesting.

There are three reasons why I am particularly pleased to recommend FairTrades. The garden was designed to reflect my own individuality, and this is why I am enjoying it so much every day. The workmanship was absolutely first rate, and everyone who sees the craft and skill involved has been massively impressed. Finally on a personal level I have found FairTrades to live up to its name. The work ethos is ethical and honest and the team is totally trustworthy. This is now an established and effective business.

I have renewed my care contract without hesitation, and look forward to another trouble free gardening year.

I am happy to recommend FairTrades Garden Design unreservedly.

Mr & Mrs Blackmore - Leamington Spa